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I've seen angels fall from blinding heights.

But you, yourself, are nothing so divine.

Desmond D. Descant
22 November 1983
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Desmond D. Descant

I've seen angels fall from blinding heights
But you, yourself, are nothing so divine
Just next in line

Born four thousand years ago and cursed with eternal life by a Fae named Ceirdowyn with the promise that he could only die if he found something "worth dying for." A paranormal investigator by trade and no one's champion by choice, although somehow he always winds up taking up the mantle. Known for his inability to resist a good mystery, a good beer, or a cute face, and his obsession with punching other men in the face when he gets angry, but most of all known for the fact that he's morally grey to the point that while Heaven and Hell have been vying for his soul for milennia, he has yet to give either side an inch.

Somewhat charismatic, while still being completely snarky and sarcastic. Street smart, but a complete incompetent when it comes to common sense. Aggressive, but sweet-tempered if you're on his good side. Overly emotional, but cold if you're not considered worthy of his mercy. Can push people away as often as he pulls them close. Des is a study in contradictions and for all you may think he's completely uncomplicated, he has a tendency to surprise even the people who know him best with how quickly he can shift at the drop of a hat.

beyondtherift: Post-Lights of 42nd Street. Des falls through a Rift into an alternate universe's Chicago, filled with angels and demons that are not his own. No longer immortal (he has a hell of a lot problems remembering that). Currently in a complicated relationship with Martha Jones and The Doctor and living in a house in the suburbs. He and Martha are engaged to be married.

arcanum_logs: Also Post-Lights. Des falls into a mysterious wartorn City that's recruiting people from various universes to stop a war between magic and technology with powers bestowed on them by Tarot cards. Des is on the Upright (magic) side and is represented by the Eight of Wands.

Disclaimer: I am not John Barrowman nor am I related to him in any shape, form, or fashion. Desmond Descant and his related 'verse are my creations.

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"A winged pig burned my village. I'm still very sore about that."
-- Desmond Descant